Accept Our “Do Challenge”& Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The New Year is well underway. The resolutions are forgotten or dusted under the mat somewhere. But does that mean you should stop challenging yourself and throw in the towel for 2014? Of course not. Instead of just talking about trying new things, we want to challenge you to walk the walk and start DO-ing.

What better way to do this than with a series of ‘DO Challenges’ – four week-long activities that will spur you to embrace the year with the spirit of DO. Is it difficult? Not at all. We’ll challenge you to participate in any (or all) four different themes under Art & Design, Travel, Music and Photography.

Challenge 1: “Capture First Light”

We challenge you to interpret the first light of day. What this can be is totally up to you. The sunrise, a streetlight, a light bulb, the shadow of your first cup of coffee in the morning or the city lights on your early morning flight – you tell us. Take a picture and share it with us. Or share an old picture you took that you think captures this concept.

Challenge 2: “Travel End to End”

We challenge you to be spontaneous and adventurous by stepping out of your normal routine. Take that subway to another stop or travel to the other end of town, to the place you’ve always wanted to visit but never managed to go. What about traveling end to end on a bus line that you take every day. Capture your adventure through photos, by checking in at every new stop, or creating a Google Map of the new route/location you’ve explored and tell us your story.

Challenge 3: “Create your own Beat”

This is pretty straightforward. We challenge you to create your own Beat. It doesn't matter if it is a short tune, and if you are a novice or music professional. Everyone is welcome to join. We will share a short video of our own recording, and also tips on music apps you can try out for this challenge. Share that beat!

Challenge 4: “Imagination Playground”

Are you the next Picasso? Our last challenge is all about getting creative. We’ll provide you with a series of images, placed in a Facebook album, and here it’s open season to get creative. (In addition, we will share tips on which photo-editing apps you can use for this challenge). Or, if you wish, feel free to send us your own doodles apart from what we have provided, and share them with us. 

Stay tuned for updates on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Are you ready for our #DoChallenge?