UXDesignCast Podcast: Kansas, Design, and Lenovo

Kansas backroads haven't changed much since I lived there 30 years ago. Thanks to David Rush for the photo.

This must be the year of the podcast. I just finished another one where I was interviewed about my design education/background, what I did at IBM, and what I do at Lenovo.  My design educational roots stretch back to studying architecture in Oklahoma and ultimately industrial design at the University Kansas, where I graduated in the early 80's. Yes, they have a basketball team too. Karel Vredenburg conducted the interview last Friday.  Karel is responsible for driving the visual and interaction/user experience design of IBM software, hardware, websites, and services.  He also leads the development of IBM's user experience design processes, methods, assets, and tools, for their deployment company-wide. I first met Karel back in the early days of UCD at IBM. You can read more about him here. I thought my Design Matters readers would find the content interesting. You can give it a listen here.

David Hill