Using the Lenovo™ Miix 520 2-in-1 to Ride Today’s Digital Tsunami

The immense changes sweeping across every aspect of human existence – work, education, and leisure – have often been likened to a kind of ‘digital tsunami.’ Some feel swept up in and battered by these changes, while others feel lifted up and liberated by them. So how do business professionals, students, and everyday consumers maximize their chances of catching that wave and riding it to where they want?
The best surfers familiarize themselves with wave action, currents, winds, and the topography of the underwater environment. Yet all of that knowledge is worthless without a good surfboard – the instrument with which they navigate and make the most of those elements. Digital is no different: the individuals who wish to understand the digital revolution need a multifaceted computer through which they can understand and use. 
Consider the all-new Lenovo Miix 520 as that digital surfboard. A sleek and stylish 2-in-1 detachable, the Miix 520 is a powerhouse of technologies, tools, and options that will enable virtually any user to tap into and make sense of the myriad digital waves altering their work, home, and entertainment landscapes.
Lenovo Miix 520 Windows® 10 2-in-1 detachable 
Miix 520 for the Consummate Professional
When it comes to business professionals understanding and embracing digital technology, being slow-to-adopt is not an option. Digital technologies are no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have business tool. Regardless of whether you own, manage, work for, or are considering starting a business, the Miix 520 is a powerful toolbox through which modern digital tools and trends can be tested, understood, and put to work. And its thin, 2-in-1 detachable form factor and optional, secure always-on LTE1 connectively make it possible to access, produce and edit your work – in the PC and in the cloud – from any location. 
Miix 520’s optional LTE is designed for anywhere, always-on connectivity1
Feeling a bit fuzzy on the whole 3D printing revolution that’s transforming so many industries? Use the Miix 520 to capture everyday images, then discover how easy it is to edit them in 3D.2 Or, if you’re really feeling ambitious, use it to help jumpstart your very own 3D printing startup in an industry expected to be worth $32.78 billion by 2023.3 The bottom line: the Miix 520 lets you discover why 3D is giving business owners a chance to create something unique to their businesses. 
Use the new Miix 520 for 3D image scans, edits, 2D layering and 3D printing2
The Miix 520’s 2-in-1 detachable form factor coupled with Windows 10 also makes it ideal for those who moonlight on the side in the growing gig economy.4 Detach the FHD IPS touchscreen for that last-minute status update meeting in the conference room, count on its optional integrated fingerprint reader to safeguard your privacy while you’re grabbing your coffee from the coffee shop barista, or use its cutting-edge watchband hinge and full-sized, ergonomic keyboard as a complete laptop. Weighing just 1.26kg (2.78 lbs) with the keyboard in a slim 15.9mm (0.63 in) profile, the Miix 520 is created to be a mobile professional’s dream. 
Miix 520 for the Digital Classmate
More than any other medium, digital is recognized as an ultra-flexible, multifaceted path to learning and creativity. Recent research shows that digital pens are particularly useful in helping students learn and express themselves, particularly compared to more traditional pens, pencils, and keyboards.5 
Using the Miix 520’s optional Lenovo Active Pen 2, for example, students and educators alike are able to sketch and capture concepts with extraordinarily accurate pen-on-paper precision. Or use its camera for 2D layering or 3D image scans, then use the optional Lenovo Active Pen 2 to annotate and augment those images with additional details and interpretive explanations. Use the pen’s shortcut button to open new applications in email or presentations, and share your creative work with other members of your class or creative team. 
Sketch, write and annotate on Miix 520 with Windows Ink™ and optional Lenovo Active Pen 2
Students can also detach the Miix 520’s touchscreen for classroom work, then attach the full-sized, keyboard with 1.5 mm of key travel for the heavier word processing required for essays, reports, and homework. 
Miix 520 for the Home
Home is where many of us test and explore new technologies and tools. Millions of us, for example, got our introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) with the arrival of that first connected smart TV, kitchen appliance, or neighbor’s smart lighting system. With Cortana®, your Miix 520 not only can serve as the hub to your home’s IoT command center, it will also act as your family’s voice-enabled intelligent assistant. 
If hands are busy doing homework on the keyboard, your child can ask Cortana to search the web for help on a difficult topic; dad can ask for a new song or the latest news while he’s dicing an onion for dinner; mom can check traffic before everyone heads out to that family outing; and Cortana can even deactivate the home security system for the neighbor to gain entrance and walk the dog in the event the family is running late. 
With far-field voice recognition up to 4 meters, Cortana is almost always just a voice command away.6 Cortana can even help you set up your new Miix 520, using its microphone and Dolby Audio™ speakers to listen to your commands as you install your home’s WiFi network and other essentials. The Miix 520 is a friendly introduction to digital voice assistance, which uses contextual intelligence to learn the habits and traits of its owners to proactively anticipate future needs. 
Embrace the Digital Future with the Miix 520
At home or work or anywhere in between, the Miix 520 is a mainstream workhorse with the functionality and 2-in-1 detachable form factor designed to give a firsthand taste of the many digital technologies and tools remaking the world in which we live. 
Powered by up to the an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the Miix 520 is equipped with and optimized for a great performance and experience. Coupled with up to 16 GB of DDR4 memory and up to 1TB PCIe SSD, the Miix 520 can run these applications with power to spare. The ‘digital tsunami’ doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you need to come up for air if you have the right digital tool like Lenovo’s latest Miix 520 2-in-1 detachable.

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1 Requires cellular data plan; additional terms, conditions and/or charges apply.

2 WorldView camera requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update when available.

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6 Cortana with far-field voice-recognition technology supports up to 4 meters away and in standby mode, requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update when available.

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