Ultrabook Looks, Netbook Prices for our IdeaPad S300/S400 Laptops

  • Slim & light? Check. 
  • Ultrabook? Nope. 
  • Wallet friendly? Check. 
  • Color options? Check. 
  • So a Netbook then? Nope.
  • Gaming ready? Kinda. At low to mid graphics settings. 
That’s how I would describe the new Lenovo IdeaPad S300 & S400 laptops. These are not for those looking to assume the role of Alcatraz to beat the next Alien invasion in Crysis 2. Neither are these machines for people who must spend thousands of dollars irrespective of what they get in return. The S300/S400 laptops are essentially for value hunters. 
We all know who the value hunters are. They churn out the endless excel sheets comparing specs of multiple products. It could be about the next car or even something trivial as a Bluetooth headset. They spend countless hours scanning forums, reviews and comments on Amazon.com. If you think these value hunters do this to save money, you would be wrong. All this effort is to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for and get the best bang for the buck! 
These 0.9-inch-thick laptops may miss out on the ultrabook checklist by a mere 2mm but they hold their own when it comes to performing way beyond what was traditionally expected out of a budget machine. With a profile this thin, it’s remarkable that both the S300 and S400 offer Intel Core i5 processors and AMD Radeon 7450M graphics. To further sweeten the deal, you get USB 3.0 port as a standard as well as 4GB DDR3 RAM (1600MHz) and 500GB storage. If you think spinning hard drives are so 2011, then you can ask for your machine to be delivered with an add-on SSD for a performance boost. 
Besides the normal specs, these laptops offer a couple of cool features I thought I’d mention. The first being the Accutype Keyboard. 
The keyboard is chiclet type that you see across a lot of new laptop designs but with a few crafty tweaks. The bottom of the keys is slightly contoured as you can see from the image. If you type real quick but have to often use the back arrow to correct errors because you pressed the key right next to the one you wanted to, then the Accutype keyboard is here to help. The curvature at the bottom helps with better identification of the right keys and has shown improved typing accuracy with users. 
The other cool feature has been on all Lenovo laptops for a while but is perhaps is missed by a lot of people. If you have ever lost data due to a hard disk crash, had windows give you repeated errors or if you just wanted your laptop’s software restored to the way it was when you bought it, then one-key-recovery is for you. The small button next to the power one brings up a software menu that lets you completely backup your data on the laptop itself or even an external harddisk. One Key recovery also helps you restore your entire system to a save point within minutes.  
To know more about the IdeaPad S300 & S400 laptops head over to Lenovo.com.
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