When Windows 7 launched last Autumn, our Performance Engineer, John Mese was kind enough to come on camera with me and discuss Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience, our high performance Windows 7 preload.  We talked briefly about UEFI, and John mentioned that it offered significant advantages for future PCs. Speed is one of these advantages.  In the 3 minute (or so) video below, I interview John and he demos a ThinkPad T400 with its BIOS replaced with UEFI.  Otherwise, the system is a stock T400 with a plain vanilla Windows 7 load from the Microsoft install DVD.  It cold boots to a fully functioning Windows desktop in about 11 seconds or so. In my mind that is nothing short of extraordinary.  But we could probably do better:

  • The T400 has since been replaced with the T410.  The T410’s faster hardware would probably shave another 1 second off boot.
  • As I mentioned, the install is a stock Windows 7 load.  If we added our Lenovo Windows 7 optimized enhancements, we could expect to shave 1 – 2 additional seconds off boot.
  • You’ll notice that the system is running the Windows Basic color scheme.  Aero would add approximately 0.5 seconds to boot.  We would have done so, but for the drivers available on the install DVD.
  • The HDD activity light is not completely solid, so that suggests that optimizing code, load order, and even the HDD choice might save us another 0.5 seconds.

While we won’t be leaking Windows 8 information any time soon, engineers within Lenovo are already hard at work optimizing our systems for Windows 8 as well as Windows 7.  Regardless of what operating system you want to run, everyone wants faster PCs.