Can You Type on a Blank Keyboard?

I’m originally from Europe – you can imagine the number of languages. Our EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has more than 60 countries and a lot more languages. For all of our customers in EMEA we have 28 keyboard layouts. We provide multiple keyboard layouts to make sure all of you have best user experience with our keyboards and systems no matter how large or small the country. Below is an image of two common layouts - one with a small Enter and one with a large Enter.

The image on the Left is a U.S. keyboard with the smaller Enter key. The image on the Right is a UK version with the larger Enter key. The layout of the keyboard is determined by the language and in this instance, the difference is the region. All U.S. keyboards have a small enter.

Given the portfolio of keyboards and number of languages, it is not easy to manage such complexity. Some keyboards are more popular and are easy to project demand. Some are small volume, specialized keyboards – Fingerprint keyboard, ThinkPad keyboard, Smartcard reader keyboard. How do we know how many to print and in which layout or language? Our solution - we bring blank keyboards to Europe and we print them “on demand”.  It is more efficient and it is also faster. Within Europe, the logistics do not take up much time so you can often get the keyboard in one or two business days after you order it - in the language you prefer.

Most of the world demand can be covered by only 5 different blank keyboards. Although it is our pleasure to print on the keyboards, many people are such good typers that they do not reference keys at all! I was wondering – does a user who knows how type with all 10 fingers need a printed keyboard? Our challenge to you is:  Find your favorite Lenovo keyboard and try to type us a comment blindfolded.