TrackPoint P.S.—Thanks, and fear not!

 Well, yesterday's post on the TrackPoint certainly seemed to strike a nerve with some people. And 81 comments later, I am sitting here in amazement at the sheer level of loyalty and devotion my readers have for the DNA of the ThinkPad brand.

Let's get one thing out of the way: I never once discussed removing the TrackPoint from any ThinkPad--I was merely sharing a personal story. And there's no subtext, no foreshadowing and no plan to do away with it. My intent was to drive discussion on the way we use ThinkPad notebooks and what that means to me personally. Finally, a huge thanks for all the comments. I'm flattered that so many people wrote in and that many of you spent time yesterday examining the value of the little red nub we take for granted most days. Our management team cares about your feedback and they do read the comments on our blogs--rest assured that when you take the time to write back here, you aren't spitting into the wind. In other words, keep 'em comin'.