Top 10 Uses for LenovoEMC Storage Devices

LenovoEMC px4-400r

GUEST BLOG BY Gregg Shupe…

10. Be green – Leverage drive spin-down and wake-on-LAN to power the storage only when you need it.

09. Lose weight – Shed pounds of ugly USB drives for centralized, high-capacity RAID-protected backup.

08. Virtualize it – LenovoEMC storage devices are HCL-certified with Citrix, VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors – two devices in one.

07. Relax – Use LenovoEMC Storage Connector for a one-click Windows 8.1 backup — without frustration.

06. Go global – LenovoEMC Personal Cloud enables data access from any internet-connected location in the world.

05. Take control – McAfee ePO lets corporate IT manage endpoint security.

04. Be popular – Use the Transmission Torrent app to get the latest videos and shows on your smart TV.

03. Sleep well – A backup copy of all data on LenovoEMC network storage improves peace of mind.

02. Save money – LenovoEMC shared storage costs far less per user than online storage.

01. Keep your shoes pretty – Save time/eliminate sneaker net/save shoe leather – sharing business data on LenovoEMC network storage eases information flow in and out of the office.