Too many connections, too many gadgets?

So, I just got back from Poland. Poland was great, the people were great, and the Lenovo event (our Lenovo "Do Tour" truck is crossing Eastern Europe) was great. The trip itself was crap. To paraphrase Thomas Paine, there are times that try a person's soul, and if there is anything that tests my love of travel, it is multiple missed connections.

Long story short...

Going: Should have made it to Warsaw on a Tuesday morning with 1 connection. Add some engine trouble in Raleigh, a reschedule til the next day, an earthquake on the US east coast and I end up in Warsaw on Wednesday afternoon after 5 planes and 23 hours.

Coming home: Should have arrived in Raleigh at 9 p.m. on Friday night. Add one hurricane and I end up in Greensboro at midnight (got the last seat on a flight) and then having to drive 1.5 hours home. I've calmed down now and United TOTALLY did me right on some frequent flyer miles that got borked up through the course of 3 or 4 rebookings, so my mood is much improved.


What does this have to do with technology? Don't tell my wife, but I have come to the conclusion that I'm carrying too much stuff.

I've never been what anyone would call a light packer, but I've gotten substantially better in the last few years. Well, better when it comes to packing clothes but maybe not when it comes to the contents of my "work bag." Putting aside for a moment that I consider myself a decent amateur photographer and often lug along a full-sized DSLR and a couple of lenses, the base tech in my work bag is likely due for a re-jiggering.

These pieces were acquired at different times for different reasons. Do I need all of them? Let's examine.

FlipCam: Dunno why I'm still carrying this. It's 2+ years old and the Canon does better video anyway. Out now.
iPod Touch: I started with iPods for music back in 2002 and have learned to live with iTunes. However, I think this needs to go. But not now. Out soon.
Canon S95: Fabulous camera. Keeps me from having to lug my DSLR everywhere. Stays in.
Amazon Kindle (latest gen 7"): Torn on this one. Love the battery life, but since I have the Kindle app on my PC, my TP Tablet and on my phone, I think it can go.  But not now. Out soon.
Google Nexus One phone: Can't live without the phone. Stays in.
ThinkPad Tablet: Brand new and loving it. It will likely replace the Kindle.  Stays in.
ThinkPad X220 Tablet: Can't live without my ThinkPad.  Stays in.

One saving grace is that I only have to carry one power supply.  Lenovo's Ultra-Slim Adapter has a Y cable and I have the ThinkPad tip on one end and micro USB on the other. (I also have the iPod tip for when I need that.)

So, like most pack rats, I have trouble letting go. And for all the typing and explanations above, I'm only immediately getting rid of one item and it's a small one. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's been through a similar winnowing process: what were the deciding factors and/or trade-offs?

--Kevin Beck