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Thinking of adding skillfully shot videos to your social media marketing? Looking for an easy way to share film from last month’s family reunion with social media-phobic relatives? Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, there are all kinds of ways to distribute your digital video files. So many, in fact, it’s easy to get confused.

Not to worry—with a little basic knowledge, you can effortlessly choose the best sharing or publishing option for each video. Here’s how to get started:

Understand File Types

First, it helps to have a basic understanding of different file types, which can vary from device to device:

  • Lenovo Windows 8.1 tablets save videos in the MP4 (.mp4) format—short for MPEG-4, a type of digital "container" for compressing audio and video data so it’s small enough to share
  • iPhones and iPads take MOV (.mov) videos, a proprietary MPEG-4 container developed by Apple
  • Other video container file types include AVI (.avi), which stands for Audio Video Interleave; FLV (.flv), which requires Adobe Flash Player for viewing; and Windows Media File, or WMV (.wmv)

Generally speaking, the smaller the file size, the easier it’ll be to share and stream a video on the Internet. But you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of video coding and compressing to choose the right file type.  Today’s mobile devices are designed to remove much of the guesswork for you.

When you share a video taken on your smartphone or tablet, you can rest assured your intended audience will be able to watch it easily on standard viewing applications like Windows Media Player, QuickTime and Xbox Video. The “containerized” video files stored on your mobile device are also accepted by popular social sites for uploading and publishing.

Hence, for the average user, you typically face just two options when it comes time to share video with coworkers, colleagues, customers, friends or family: 1) private distribution or 2) publishing to social media sites.

One-to-One Video Sharing

For large, long videos and footage you want seen by only a select group of people, you’ll need something heftier than email servers to send them. This is where file-sharing software comes into play. Popular services include DropBox, although the free versions come with file size limits.

Another option is Lenovo SHAREit, an advanced sharing app that uses a direct connection to send big files at remarkably high speeds (up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth).  SHAREit is fast, user-friendly and free of file size limits.

Social Video Sharing

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Youku—these and other social streams are the world’s most popular websites. And they’re some of the best places to reach people with your videos. Whether for marketing, mass appeal, business or pleasure, social media sites are among the simplest video publishing platforms around.

Most mobile devices and apps come with built-in social sharing icons you can tap or click to pull up instructions on your screen. Or you can take a few quick steps to post your videos manually. FacebookYouTubeInstagramWeibo and Youku all provide easy-to-use uploading icons and buttons.

Video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo even offer one-click “share” buttons where you can get video embed codes (for cutting and pasting into your website) and short URLs (for easy posting to Twitter, Tumblr and other popular sites).

Before you share, be sure to check out our tips on lighting, sound and editing like a professional videographer. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to create high-quality videos with nothing more than your favorite Lenovo PC or tablet.

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