Tiny Accessories are a Big Deal

As the most energy efficient ThinkCentre that is as slim as a golf ball, the new ThinkCentre Tiny has been big news lately.  Despite its small form factor, it packs a lot of power. With all of this in mind, how could Tiny become an even bigger deal? Add accessories.

I was able to get my hands on the accessories that will be available for Tiny this summer and I wanted to give you a glimpse into the offerings. The Product Manager has decided to push the message Mount it and Store it to highlight how these big deal accessories enhance the Tiny system.

Mount it with the ThinkCentre Tiny Monitor Mounting Kit (0B47096). The kit mounts securely to both LT2323z and L2323p. This kit includes a VESA mount to hold the system in place; an L-Bracket to attach to the mount and monitor; a U-clip to secure the mount; and an Adapter cage. This option is available now.

Mount it with the ThinkCentre Underdesk Mount. Here you have an option to increase desk space by mounting your Tiny under your desk. Note that the Underdesk mount (0B47097) will not be available until mid-August.

Store it with the Storage Unit Kit (0A65637). The kit includes a storage unit – where you can add an additional HDD  (0A65638) or DVD ROM (0A65640)/ DVD Burner (0A65639) – sold separately; USB Cable, and VESA mount. The below photo shows the storage unit with a HDD. This will be available July 12.

With all of these accessories – the possibilities for Tiny just got bigger. I encourage you to purchase Tiny along with these accessories and let us know your creative ideas on where and how you can use Tiny with these kits.