#ThrowbackThursday: Yoga Line Bends the Perception of Convertible Devices

By: Eric Xia, Halo Yoga Product Planning Manager, PC & Smart Devices, Lenovo

As we get ready for IFA next week, I’d like to reflect on where we started with our original Yoga at CES in 2012. We introduced it at a time when people were frustrated with their laptops that didn’t function in the way they wanted to use them. Professional and personal lifestyles were increasingly converging, and users wanted to interact more naturally with one primary device.

Lenovo recognized an opportunity to make some drastic changes in laptop design – and the original Yoga changed the way people relax, work, create, entertain and consume with one device that better fits their needs.

We’ve continually improved our Yoga products since then. Users have strong expectations for how technology will support and fit naturally into their busy lives – that’s why we anticipate new expectations and develop new and unique features early. We were the first to debut the now iconic 360-degree hinge design that allows the device to work in four different modes, for example.

I can’t share too many details on our next Yoga until our launch event in Berlin on Aug. 31, but let me just say that I can’t wait for you to see how the next generation does exactly that.

In the meantime, I’ll share a few of my favorite innovations in the Yoga line thus far.

I love the all-metal watchband hinge, which we used for the first time on the Yoga 3 Pro, announced in October 2014. It has proved to be one of Yoga’s most iconic and lasting innovations. Our engineers reworked the original Yoga hinge to provide the same degree of flexibility and flatness seen in metallic watchbands. Constructed from more than 800 pieces of steel and aluminum, the watchband hinge lays completely flat at 180 degrees. Our customers loved the laptop’s 17 percent thinner and 14 percent lighter design compared to the Yoga 2 Pro.

With the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, we wanted to deliver a top notch entertainment experience. Its star feature was a built-in Pico projector so you could turn your living room wall into an instant TV or movie screen. We even paired the projector with a premium display and sound system.

Check out the timeline graphic for some of Yoga’s most pivotal moments – we’d love to hear your favorites and also what you want to see next. 

Yoga Through the Years

  • January 2012: Original Yoga with iconic 360-degree hinge design
  • September 2013: Thinner and lighter Yoga 2 Pro; ThinkPad Yoga, hinge for business device
  • October 2013: Yoga Tablet, three-mode Android tablet
  • October 2014: Yoga 3 Pro with all-metal watchband hinge
  • October 2014: Yoga Tablet 2 & Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, four modes plus built-in Pico Projector
  • October 2015: Yoga Home 900 & 500, Yoga 900 convertible
  • January 2016: ThinkPad X1 Yoga, optional LTE connectivity while flipping 360 degrees

To see our latest iteration of Yoga, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @Lenovo from our launch event in Berlin on Aug. 31.