Three Pieces of Proof That the Desktop PC Is Alive and Well

There's always that scene in zombie movies where you think the carnage is over and the good guys have finally prevailed. But just as the dust begins to settle, a hand pops up through the ground and the shrieking begins again. This image always comes to my mind when I read about the alleged death of the desktop PC--a legion of laptops and tablets can batter the staid desktop but its death has surely been exaggerated.

Is it possible that the traditional desktop design--go ahead, say it, the boring old tower--is going the way of the dinosaur? Who knows. But to focus on that is to miss the point, to miss all the excitement and the design breakthroughs that are happening in this space. So now, let's roll tape on The Ultimate Desktop-As-Zombie Movie, the one where the monsters mutate and turn into another beast entirely. We present three magificent reasons desktops aren't done fighting.

1: IdeaCentre A720 all-in-one: In a word, droolworthy. Massive yet slim, 10-finger touch capability and a design that lets you stand it up, lie it down or split the difference--it comes off like an enormous 27-inch tablet. Could well prove to be the blueprint for family gaming in the 21st century.


2: ThinkCentre Tiny: A 1-litre mini PC (but still full-featured) designed for our large enterprise users. It may be Tiny but don't you dare think it's wimpy--it can single-handedly power four monitors at once.

#3: IdeaCentre B540 all-in-one: Is it a PC or a TV? Most definitely! It brings true 1080p viewing, a built-in HDTV tuner, optional Blu-Ray and instant-on viewing--no need to boot Windows when you just want to watch TV.


Aaaand...cut! Zombie revival complete. What's your take on the debate over the relative health of the desktop PC? We'd love to hear from you.


Gavin O'Hara is Global Publisher for Lenovo Social Media.