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Your personal data, that is. If you’re like the majority of people surveyed by McAfee®, you’re probably sharing a lot of personal and intimate information with a significant other.

While that might seem harmless, sharing private passwords and deeply personal content can set the stage for a nightmare of a play—one that exposes suggestive texts meant for your sweetheart to grandma or leaves your digital “doors” wide open for cybercriminals.

Nearly 70 percent of people polled by McAfee said they fear having personal information leaked or shared without their permission. Yet more than half of the same survey sample rarely deletes intimate photos and videos after sending them to intended recipients.

And those dicey visuals aren’t all our loved ones have access to: 56 percent of people share their Facebook passwords with significant others, and more than 40 percent provide access to private email, mobile devices and PCs.

Scorned lovers have never had it so easy, to say the least. But it’s not just souring relationships that can put shared data in the wrong hands.

Even if you do feel genuinely safe enough to place 100 percent trust in a partner, there are plenty of other threats lurking about. Something as simple as recycling a handful of passwords for your family’s every device and account is enough to set up your loved ones for identity theft. Even scarier is the personal PC that wasn’t completely cleared of files before being handed down to a now-bitter coworker or family member.

So before all becomes fair game in love and cybercrime, make that date with your data. Here are a few suggestions on how to best spend it:

  • Pick newer, stronger passwords for all your accounts and be seriously selective about who gets access. (Want to make your sweetie swoon? Give the gift of a password manager.)
  • Purge your devices and cloud storage accounts of any and all files you never want made public, and be sure to wipe your old PC clean each time you get a new one.
  • Make sure your PC's security is up-to-date and get to know the security features of your Microsoft account

All the convincing you need is captured in the infographic here.

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