THIS NHS: Making life better and care safer

It’s hard to think back to a time when technology didn’t pervade every realm of business. Consider hospitals ten years ago: two, maybe three, big clunky PCs dotted a central location as doctors zigzagged back and forth between patients and the computer screen. “Now, you walk into a hospital and you see clinicians actually using their devices to interact with patients at the bedside,” says Keith Redmond, program director at The Health Informatics Service (THIS) — the IT shared service provider for a growing number of hospitals and general practitioners throughout the United Kingdom. 

THIS is a large well-established organization hosted by the Calderdale and Huddersfield National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust. As part of a team supporting over 16,000 devices and 40,000 people working in the healthcare sector, Redmond knows a thing or two about technology in a clinical setting. “I get to go out, look at all the new products and decide whether they’re something that’s right for the organization,” Redmond says. “Basically, I get to play with a lot of new toys all the time,” he laughs.

When asked to find the right products to quickly set up 24 different training rooms to accommodate 6,000 staff across two hospitals, Redmond knew where to turn. “We’ve been with Lenovo now for about four years,” he says. “They have a good selection and they understand us as a customer and what we need.”

Read more about the THIS' success story here. [PDF]

Rahil Arora leads Lenovo’s Customer Stories Program.