ThinkVision L190X: You Can Never Be Too Thin

We just introduced a very exciting new ThinkVision monitor that my team spent a great deal of time designing. Called the ThinkVision L190x, it is the best design we offer for muti-monitor environments. The border measures a ultra-scant 6.6mm. This is the narrowest border available in the industry. Hours were spent shaving off fractions of millimeters to achieve this goal. You will also notice a nearly black low-contrast Lenovo nameplate we created to remove visual distractions from your field of view. I think it looks great.

The monitor has tilt, swivel, lift and even pivot capability. The monitor can be easily rotated to change from landscape to portrait viewing while the image will adjust automatically. The stand includes the same cable management feature we introduced on the 22" monitor earlier in the year. Also built into the design is a four port USB hub that makes connecting things like memory keys or our cool webcam easier.

David Hill