The ThinkStation P320 Tiny Is Ready to Make a Big Impact at Autodesk University London

ThinkStation P320 Tiny

At Lenovo, our mission is to ensure our hardware isn’t just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of industry professionals – especially those in search of solutions that will remedy the technology challenges facing their organization. Lenovo is constantly working to provide the tools that will allow our customers to explore new ways to design, create and innovate in their workspace. And now, that includes packing powerful performance into the tiniest of spaces. Introducing the ThinkStation P320 Tiny.

Today, when engineering and design professionals arrive at Autodesk University (AU) London in search of the advanced technology to take them to the next level, we will be there to show-off how the ThinkStation P320 Tiny is outstanding in all ways big and small.

The ThinkStation P320 Tiny is a direct result of turning customer feedback into a solution that alleviates the pain point of space-constrained workstation users. As we worked with various customer groups throughout the year, we heard these consistent messages: offices are shrinking and computer labs have finite space. However, the need for a workstation-class system hasn’t wavered. By working with development teams across Lenovo product brands, we were able to bring to market a workstation that is 96% smaller than a traditional workstation.

Designed to go where others can’t, the ThinkStation P320 Tiny is built to provide professionals the performance and reliability they require. Perfect for everything from 2D and entry-level 3D design tools, to running the most essential 3D CAD tools, this system offers high-speed storage and memory that allows for fast data transfer and accommodation of larger project files all in a space-saving, 1L footprint.

The P320 Tiny also has a host of accessories and mounting options to take advantage of its size. Fitting anywhere from under a desk or behind a monitor to create a modular all-in-one, this system is ideal for anyone looking to modernize their office for a cleaner, more efficient space. But don’t let the size fool you. This tiny workstation can support 2TB of storage, 32GB of memory and up to six independent displays, making it ideal for everything from finance to product design and architecture to STEM education.

Financial trading specifically demands the highest performance in the smallest footprint. Traders require a single system that will allow them to drive 4-6 displays with professional graphics. With its small size, energy efficiency and the latest CPUs, the ThinkStation P320 Tiny delivers.

“Designers, artists, engineers and other pro users will find that the Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny with the Quadro P600 really packs a punch,” said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualization, NVIDIA. “Because the P600 is certified across a range of demanding CAD and creative applications, it’s guaranteed to provide users with the seamless performance and proven reliability necessary for any job.”

STEM educators are also looking for systems to train their students on various professional software packages – and the ThinkStation P320 Tiny’s ISV certification will ensure a consistent, accurate experience. Designer-turned-teacher Emily Pilloton – a participant in Lenovo’s ThinkRevolution program and founder of Bay Area-based non-profit Project H – is already implementing the ThinkStation P320 Tiny into her digital design workflow.

“The ThinkStation P320 Tiny is great for us,” said Pilloton. “In some of our more compact digital design spaces we can set up a fully functional workstation without taking away too much space. We can also load up the system with the same software (Autodesk, Adobe, etc) that we have in other areas of the Girls Garage, for a seamless experience between stations.”

Project H is a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing local students – particularly young girls – to the possibilities of design, engineering and architecture. Part of Project H, Girls Garage offers girls a space of their very own with a woodshop, metal shop, digital fabrication studio and classroom designed to accommodate numerous programs.

Pilloton continued, “As the name implies, it’s downright tiny, but we also knew it could accommodate all the performance and functionality we need in our educational spaces.” Bringing their visions to life, these aspiring engineers count on the high-performance, reliability and rugged durability of Lenovo workstations.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny will be available in June starting at $799. To learn more about this new product and the ways it is transforming industries, visit

Also, if you’re attending AU London, join Lenovo at booth #LG-017 for hands-on demonstrations led by our industry professionals of the ThinkStation P320 Tiny and more of our groundbreaking workstation technology. Lenovo will be sharing tips and tricks on mobile and desktop workstations – ensuring the attending professionals can return to work with new knowledge of the latest hardware trends and best practices.