Featuring guest blogger, Oliver Fischer, Lenovo INsider.

Yesterday, on my way to college, I forgot to zip my bag up. While unsuspectingly walking along the road, I suddenly heard an ear-shattering clonk behind me. I turned around and spotted my ThinkPad Yoga sitting there on the pavement. I might have uttered a swear word or two. Anyway, I needed to get to college and could only inspect the damage during my break.

I had concluded that it fell about 1.5m and actually hit the asphalt sideways with one of its corners. This is the worst possible thing that could happen, because the entire force of the impact is concentrated on one area, instead of being spread out evenly across the chassis.

Thus, all the more surprised I was that it had actually survived this drop with minimal damage! In fact, the worst that happened is that a small piece of the corner of the lid had broken off, and the paint was missing on the other side, along with 2 or 3 small scratches on the chassis.

I must say, the ThinkPad Yoga really impressed me that day. I always suspected it to be very rugged, due to the way its built (magnesium-alloy, like the original X1). I have already ordered a new lid (the silver version). It will be as good as new again after I replace the lid.

The ThinkPad Yoga is without a doubt one of the finest ThinkPads I have ever owned.