“Awesome events with no vowels in the name” for $1,000 please, Alex.

The Lenovo Social Media team went the grassroots route Tuesday night, zipping up to GDGT’s New York cocktail-party-meets-tech-expo. At the venerable Altman Building on W. 18th Street, we helped product expert Ashley Perry showcase some of the latest Lenovo laptops and all-in-one PCs. And, of course, we met some great tech-obsessed people who were there to see us and other fine companies like Roku, Gazelle and Boxee.

Our ThinkPad X220 tablet swiveled a few heads as we repeatedly demonstrated its magical ability to transform from a conventional laptop to a pen- and touch-enabled tablet. Our mocha brown model of the stunning IdeaPad U260 got a lot of notice as well—one attendee picked it up and basically wouldn’t put it down as he told us all the reasons it was the right laptop for him.

Without question, though, the majority of the attention at the Lenovo booth was focused squarely on the new ThinkPad X1 laptop, the hero in many of our ads appearing now on a TV, billboard or airport kiosk near you.

ThinkPad X1: thinnest ThinkPad ever

We got some oohs and ahhhs with the gorgeous backlit keyboard, we pounded the ridiculously tough Gorilla Glass display to demonstrate its toughness. We accepted compliments on its thin, sleek design—the most meaningful coming from a woman who runs a New York-based fashion website. Nearby, another formidable ThinkPad, the T420s, displayed a water spill video—the topic of ThinkPad toughness and innovation came up time and again.

Here’s the full list of what we showed in New York: ThinkPad X1/X120e/X220t, ThinkPad T420s, ThinkPad Edge E220s/E420 (in red), IdeaPad U260 and IdeaCentre A700 all-in-one PC.

Many thanks to hosts Peter Rojas and Ryan Block for having us.