ThinkPad X1: Designing the Ultimate Keyboard

The ThinkPad X1 is the gold standard for typing excellence

Today we officially launched the ThinkPad X1. Probably not the best kept secret, thanks to various leaks, but it is the best ThinkPad we have ever created. I love the way it blends business and entertainment technologies to deliver a ThinkPad for anyone demanding the best in performance, mobility,and style. Core to this initiative was our desire to reinvent the keyboard to create a more modern impression, without degrading typing accuracy or performance. This was not an easy task, but I think we did it. It seems that Laptop Magazine thinks so too. They just published an X1 review that has my team smiling from ear to ear. Here is my favorite quote from the complete article.

"Putting a ThinkPad X1 at the fingers of a touch-typist is like placing a Stradivarius in the hands of a violinist. While all of Lenovo's ThinkPads have strong keyboards, the ThinkPad X1 features the best laptop keyboard we've ever tested." Laptop Magazine

It's important for ThinkPad enthusiasts to know that this totally new keyboard is based on decades of accumulated knowledge, months of user testing, in depth data analysis, and constant design iteration. It's the culmination of everything we know about typing and keyboards so far. What sets this keyboard apart from competitors island style keyboards, is our attention to what I call the "human element". If you are a person who never types on your computer, I guess all of this work was irrelevant. I don't think, however, that person exists. The Lenovo unique "smile" shape, resulting enlarged forgiveness zone , and a self- aligning finger contoured surface are the three primary ingredients that contribute to the superior typing experience of the X1. I created a simple diagram to help explain the basics. Lenovo has utility and design patents pending on these critical elements.

 It was a long and complex process, but I think it yielded great results. These subtle and sculptural details, make a huge difference for all of us. In short, if you have square fingers, type on a square keyboard. If you don't have square fingers,  type on a ThinkPad. David Hill