ThinkPad Twist - Services for the Small Business

Have you seen it?  Well, if you are a Small Business looking for the coolest laptop from Lenovo, then you definitely need to check out the all new ThinkPad Twist!  It Bends!  It Folds!  It Spins!  And, of course, it Twists! 

So what does Lenovo Services have to do with this innovative new ThinkPad?  Are you kidding?  Did you read how this laptop is meant to be used?  Don’t even think about going out into that messy, mobile world without purchasing a little extra protection for that new PC.  Here is a bit of info on the most important Warranty and Protection Services that are MUST HAVES for your new ThinkPad Twist.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

So, it flips, folds, bends and twists, but what if it drops?  Did you know that base warranties don’t cover accidental damage?    If that happens to your brand new ThinkPad Twist, you’re in for a shock if you haven’t purchased Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection.   As with any notebook, replacement parts can be expensive, we’re talking $400-500 for a system board or display.  Starting at US$69, ADP can save you significantly!

ADP covers a bunch of things that you might think are already covered under Warranty, but they aren’t.  ADP covers typical accidents that can happen with any Lenovo laptop, like drops, bumps, and minor spills, but more specifically, it covers features that are important to ThinkPad Twist customers. 

For instance, if you have damage to the hinge on your new ThinkPad Twist, that can only be covered under ADP.  Our hinges are built for all that flipping, folding, and twisting, but why take a chance?  And that super cool touch screen ? That’s right- damage to the LCD is only covered if you have ADP. 

Sealed Battery Warranty

Another cool feature of Lenovo Ultrabooks is their thinness.   At only .79 inches thin, the ThinkPad Twist is one sleek, sexy machine.  But, did you realize that to get this thin, ultrabooks use a special sealed battery that cannot be replaced by the customer?

So if your battery starts to fizzle after 2 years, Lenovo Services has a solution.  With Sealed Battery Warranty, Lenovo trained technicians will quickly and efficiently replace your battery in the event it has a defect or fails to meet minimum performance standards.   Paired with onsite, a Sealed Battery Warranty Extension will save you the time and hassle of system unavailability associated with having to send it in for battery replacement.   And do you know the BEST part of this service??  It’s 1/7th the cost of an uncovered sealed battery replacement.   So it doesn’t cost a lot to purchase up front, but can save you a ton of money (and hassle!) down the road.

So if you’re considering buying a ThinkPad Twist (and really, WHO ISN’T??) – be sure to do yourself a favor.  Protect your investment by adding Accidental Damage Protection and Sealed Battery Warranty upgrades from Lenovo Services at check out!