ThinkPad T420s

I have been alternately looking forward and dreading today’s announcements.  Even though I confirmed some specs about the ThinkPad T420s in this thread during the CES timeframe, I knew there would be considerable backlash about our final move to 16:9 displays.  I know many are unhappy, and over the years, we’ve been through this here.  I skipped the T410s, but I can’t wait for my T420s coming in a few weeks.  Look at some of the cool improvements that I like:

Better battery life.  Your bay batteries from the T400s/T410s still work.  The Intel processor with onboard graphics has more performance and better battery life than before.

Slightly lighter.  We are about .2 lbs. /.1 kg lighter, mostly from the move to a new display panel.

New VoIP enhancements.  The camera has much better low light sensitivity with backlit sensor technology.  Instead of muting the microphone when you type, we actually filter out the keyboard noise.

Dolby Certified Sound.  ThinkPad speakers have always underwhelmed me.  This will set a new standard for quality sound.

UEFI.  We have two modes in “BIOS.”  Legacy and fast boot.  Choose fast boot unless you are in a corporate environment and you’ll see much faster startup/shutdown.  Sadly, for the dull corporate world, we’ve dumbed down UEFI with a legacy BIOS overlay.

New Preload.  Now our ThinkVantage tools are ready to install on the hard drive, but not actually installed.  You won’t have to worry about the parts you don’t need slowing your boot time down.

New fan design.  Internally we’re using insulation by airflow, allowing for cooler operation while still maintaining equal or better acoustics.

Instant Resume.  Shut down your lid and your wireless connection stays connected for a short time.  This is ideal if you want to maintain your VPN connection as you walk from meeting to meeting.