ThinkPad Laser Etching So who here is brave enough to point a laser at their ThinkPad? Chris DiBona did and shares some photos of his newly stylized T43p.

Someone in the comments asked for pictures of my laser etched laptop. The Thinkpad T43p has a black magnesium finish and takes a laser in a very subtle way. Phillip Torrone from make is going to be making the epilogue laser available to folks to burn their fun things onto their slabs. Anyhow here's a bit of what I remember from my sessions lasering different objects: 1) Thinkpads: 100% laser power. 150 dpi up to the limit of the image resolution. 2) iMacs: 100% laser, 150 dpi, takes the laser really nicely. 3) Nintendo DS and other soft plastics (blackberries, psps, etc) 60-70% laser, 75 dpi.

Computer customization is nothing new, but aesthetic customization of notebooks is still a new area, populated by the bold! Attention readers: have you customized your notebook? Post in the comments below and let us know, maybe we can post some of our reader's own notebook designs. :)

David Hill