ThinkPad 15th Anniversary !!!

Today is considered the official date to celebrate the anniversary of the ThinkPad's introduction. A lot has happened in the last 15 years, and we have more planned for the future. As a tribute to this milestone I thought I would list the 15 things I like best about my ThinkPad:

1. The simple black box design that never looks out of style, thanks Richard

2. TrackPoint, every time I try to use a touchpad I get frustrated

3. The best in the industry keyboard

4. My ThinkLight that lets me use my ThinkPad in some of the strangest places

5. Presentation director that simplifies one of the most commonly used tasks

6. Access connections, especially the saved profile function

7. The single handed latch, secure and easy to use

8. The asymmetrical unique ThinkPad logo, dead-center is so ordinary

9. The full screen magnifier function, leave the reading glasses at home

10. Scrolling with the center button and the TrackPoint

11. The integrated fingerprint reader, I've never forgotten my finger

12. Rock solid mechanical quality and physical integrity ensures it always works

13. The rubberized finish that feels so good and is easy to clean

14. The extended battery that keeps it running longer

15. Sitting on an airplane next to a guy using a really goofy looking notebook

Feel free to share your own favorites.

David Hill