ThinkLive Event - October 10th

On October 10th Lenovo and are presenting a live video webcast celebrating the 15th Anniversary of ThinkPad. You'll get to see some older ThinkPad models and learn how ThinkPads have changed over the years. At the end of the webcast, viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions to get answered live on camera. If it piques your interest, I will be one of the people participating. If that thought turns you off, there are plenty of other ThinkPad experts lined up as well. Plus, we are giving away a ThinkPad Reserve Edition. Find out all of the details here. This video feed will be available worldwide both during and after the event. Unfortunately, unless you live in the United States you are not eligible to win the ThinkPad Reserve Edition. My apologies. By the way, Kudos, but no prize, to whomever responds first giving the actual ThinkPad birthday date. It's not the 10th, but it is close.