ThinkCentre Keeps Cool With New Feature

Cory Grenier, ThinkCentre M Series Global Marketing Manager, works with large enterprises to help meet their demands for new desktop PCs powered by the latest technology. The digital office relieved people from the noisy clang of typewriters, but the introduction of traditional PCs also created a new challenge – they give off heat, making work places warmer.  We addressed that challenge with Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE), ending the days of walking into an office that feels as stuffy as a gym locker room. This technology delivers ultimate thermal and acoustic performance. The new ICE solution, unique to our ThinkCentre M series, actively monitors key component temperatures in real-time, and optimally adjusts the fan speed to keep the system cooler and quieter.

ICE acoustic performance is only 36 decibels. To put this in context, if you’re talking about what to buy your wife for her anniversary and she’s standing just three feet away – she still wouldn’t be able to hear you. Now that is quiet! This unique innovation is something that you’ll only find on a Lenovo desktop PC and serves as an example of the kind of research and development we put into things like thermal design and acoustics. The ThinkCentre M91p is the first model to include ICE as a standard option, and each following ThinkCentre M series products will follow suit. Learn more about the ThinkCentre M91p here