Think - Innovate - Evolve.    What better evocative words than these to epitomize the history of the ThinkPad and other Lenovo Think-branded products?   If you have experienced many of the memorable ThinkPads like the 701c "butterfly" with it's unique expanding keyboard, the X41t, our first convertible tablet, or the massive W701ds dual screen laptop, you know about Think innovation.    But, the world is a big place, and while many people know our story, there are still many who don't know about the heritage and evolution of Think.   This week, we launchedThinkingNeverStops to share the history of Think innovation and evolution, and to engage customers via polls and open-ended discussion to hear their ideas and opinions on the kind of innovation they want to see in future generations.   What do you think will be the next big area for innovation?


Please take a few mins to stop in and share your thoughts ...  I hope to see you there!