The System x3850 X6 and System x3950 X6 servers are designed to be fast, agile, and resilient:

  • Fast application performance means immediate access to actionable information.
  • Agile system design helps to reduce costs and provides simple access to server components.
  • Resilient platforms maximize application uptime and promote easy integration in virtual environments.

Lets take a look at the unique modular “Book” design of the System x Enterprise Servers and how its better than a traditional rack mount server.  The x3850 X6 is a 4 socket, 4U and 96 DIMM Enterprise server. The x3950 X6 is a 8 socket, 8U and 196 DIMM Enterprise server. These X6 servers are the sixth generation of System x Enterprise servers.

Clients can use these books or modular components to create a configuration that meets their needs. The new X6 servers have modular books for compute, storage and input/output. No need to pull the chassis in or out of the rack, because all chassis components can be accessed either from the front or from the rear of the server. 

Each Compute Book pulls out the front of the server and supports 2 hot swap fans, 1 X6 processor and 24 DIMM slots. This allows the x3850 X6 to deliver up to 6TB of memory. The x3950 X6 delivers up to 12TB of memory. The Compute Book also supports the optional eXFlash DIMM memory-channel storage.

The compute book design allows clients to reduce acquisition cost and host multiple generations of technology in one server by upgrading only the technology that changes, minimizing TCO cost.

The Storage Book is a hot-swappable modular component where all of the internal storage for the server resides. This book supports up to 12.8TB of SAS 2.5” disk or 6.4TB of eXFlash 1.8” solid state disks.

It also contains two PCIe slots for disk controllers that provide maximum disk storage bandwidth. The storage book also includes the LCD service display, USB ports, and a front-side VGA port.

The rear-view of the x3850 X6 and x3950 X6, once again sports the modular book design. The rear contains the primary IO book, optional IO books and up to four 1400W/900W AC or 750W DC power supplies. This image is of the x3850 X6. The x3950 X6 doubles this.

The Primary IO Book hosts the integrated management module or IMM, PCIe slots, and the new dedicated Mezz-LOM slot that supports flavors of 1GbE copper and 10GbE fiber or copper IO cards

The Optional IO Books delivers an additional 3 PCIe slots – allowing up to 9 PCIe slots in the rear of the server. Optional IO books come in two flavors, a half-length IO book that supports 3 half-length, full-height PCIe cards, and a full-length IO book that supports 3 full-length, full-height PCIe cards. The full-length IO book support specialty Graphics or accelerator cards that may require 300W power

As you can see, all of the components in the x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 are modular, and can be accessed from either the front or rear of the server – never a need to pull the actual chassis out of the rack. This provides maximum agility to meet the client’s needs, maximum agility to grow, and maximum agility to deliver a lower cost of ownership


x3950 X6  - 4 to 8 processor scalability, Up to 120 cores of processing, Up to 12TB of memory, Up to 22 PCIe slots




x3850 X6 -2 to 4  processor scalability, Up to 60 cores of processing, Up to 6TB of memory, Up to 11 PCIe slots



Randall Lundin manages the High End 4 and 8 socket server systems as part of the Lenovo Enterprise Product team. Follow Randall on Twitter at @RWLUNDIN or view Randall's LinkedIn profile.