The Word is Design

Design says it all for me

The design gallery space in our Morrisville headquarters building has been a great improvement over any space I've ever used for displaying and presenting design. When I think back to some of the space we had at IBM, it makes me wince in pain. I wrote a blog about the design of the gallery, and our entire studio space quite some time ago. Every morning when I walk through the space on the way to my office it makes me smile. It feels like a modernist art gallery just outfitted with the latest work to tantalize the mind. One thing, however, never really made me happy about the space. The wall that screens your view into the space is necessary, we don't want a passerby to get a glimpse of the secret designs we are working on, but it was also rather blank. It needed something. If you were to enter a Picasso sculpture exhibit there would likely be a screening wall was as well, but it would say something about what you were about to see.  They usually aren't overly wordy, but they block the passerby view, and nicely set the stage for what will come next. For years I've been staring at a blank white wall trying to decide what should be on it. I thought of adding a brushed chrome Lenovo logo, but what would the point be. You're already in the Lenovo building, isn't it obvious? How about a giant product photograph? The problem with photos is they become dated so quickly in our electronic world. There had to be a better idea. Then one morning it came to me, all we needed was a word, a word that matters. Of course, the word is "Design". It would tell the story better than anything else I could come up with. Everything in the room says design, why shouldn't the wall? Yesterday we completed the design installation that forever rids my world of the dreaded blank white wall. The final design is simply the word "Design" boldly rendered in sophisticated white-on-white relief. The sculptural letters are just over 40" tall and stand off the wall a full 3" . Shadows created by the letter forms are just stunning. The font should look very familiar to my ThinkPad fans. Thanks to Paul Rand for creating it so many years ago. The icing on the cake is the world's largest Trackpoint cap that dramatically dots the i.  The rubberized cap is a huge 7.5" in diameter and looks/feels just like the real thing.

Now that's a TrackPoint cap!

Today was the first day I experienced the updated wall on my walk to the office, I love it.  Should we make a giant sized ThinkPad model to match the TrackPoint cap?  How about hats that match? The list grows hourly. David Hill