The Top Three Options I Can’t Live Without… Now That I’ve Found Them

We are very fortunate at Lenovo these days.  In addition to growing our market share we are also growing our employee base.   So I dediced to tap into that growth and talk to one of our newest option and accessory new hires.   Chad's feedback was great, so I've decided to incorporate it into a blog.

From Chad:   I’m new to Lenovo’s Options Team, but I’ve been a user and consumer of backpacks, laptop cases, mice, keyboards and the like for decades. Now, as part of my initiation I’ve be able to test drive many of Lenovo’s offerings. Let me tell you which are my top do-more options.


19+ Slice Battery - Never in a million years would I have thought my top computer accessory would be a battery, but I’m a convert. My first real life experience with this trim offering was on an international flight with a poor movie section. The 19+ Slice, when coupled w/ my X220’s internal battery, gave me all-flight computing; allowing me to work and play from wheels up to wheels down. What’s more, I move around the office quite a bit, going from floor to floor for meetings. The 19+ Slice makes me the envy of my power-cord-schlepping colleagues who fight for the last remaining outlet in the conference room. The marginal amount of height and weight the 19+ Slice adds to my PC is easily worth being able to avoid the corded cage match.

ThinkPad Ultrabase Series 3 - As a child my fondest summer memory is that of smoothly and successfully docking my parents’ ski boat. It would be an embellishment to say I get the same satisfaction when I dock my laptop in the ThinkPad Ultrabase Series 3, but it’s getting close. I currently have a second monitor, a wired laser mouse, a new personal cell phone, and a USB battery-charging station. While I could charge many of my gadgets from the power bar, I like connecting them to my laptop because I’m able to charge and sync simultaneously. Also, I’m able to use shorter USB cords, which opens up my workspace, and satisfies my neurotic need for order. The Ultrabase allows for all that connectivity without adding any time when I want to grab my laptop and go (two steps and I’m off).

USB 3.0 Secure HDD - This last one is a newly launched Lenovo option and breaks ground for the USB 3.0 revolution about to take place this spring. Of course the 3.0 Secure HDD is compatible with 2.0 USB systems, but you realize the real benefits with a 3.0 USB PC, and that’s why it’s on my list of top options. With a 3.0 USB system you get download speeds 10 times faster than its sluggish 2.0 counterpart. Moreover, the 500 GB of storage and “cool” factor of having a personal James-Bond-style encryption device also don’t hurt.

I've spent years in the PC accessories arena and I am always surprised to see what options and accessories folks just cannot live without.   After talking with Chad I find myself very much agreeing with him.  I carry a T420s and utlize the secondary bay battery for all day runtime.  I also carry a portable hard drive and find a ton of benefits of doing so, whether its for regular data back of my ThinkPad, or for storaging the latest pictures of my kids.   We vary on our third choice however, as my third can't live without accessory is my ThinkPad Earbuds.  I gotta have my tunes.   So whatever the accessory may be and whatever the need is, we are glad the needs remain and will continue to produce products to fill those needs.