The People Have Spoken

The votes are in, tabulated, and results posted for the Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Award. This years winner was the Zon Hearing Aid. Congratulations! Instead of an unattractive necessity, the Zon looks more like a luxury fashion accessory. I think this is a great breakthrough for the hearing aid industry. Most hearing aids usually look more like a displaced clump of ear wax rather than a design jewel.

The ThinkPad X300 came in 14th, a very respectable showing. It was the highest ranked computer nominee by a very wide margin. The closest computer was the MacBook Air which came in 56th, maybe it would have done better with a few more ports and features. The X300 notably received more votes than the Obama for president logo, the iPhone, Converse All Stars, and one of my favorites, the Fender Telecaster electric guitar. Thanks to all who voted for the X300, and congratulations again to the Zon Hearing Aid. Well done.

David Hill