Building a Workstation: Beyond Components, Helping Users Stand Out in the Crowd

Introducing the ThinkPad P52

When our customers choose Lenovo, we want them to know that means more than just receiving a quality computer. For us, it’s about choosing design innovation, legendary quality and a dedication to detail. Like you, we constantly challenge the conventional to deliver an entirely new level of power, durability and possibility for our customers.

As a product manager at Lenovo, it’s my job to listen to you – our customers – to deeply understand what you need in a workstation. Developing our workstations goes beyond thoughtful design and engineering. It is about understanding your industry and advocating for your success. And that’s where the new ThinkPad P52 – a mobile workstation designed to help you stand out – comes in.

Hedwig Heinsman, co-founder of DUS architects and 3D print tech firm Aectual, is a great example of a game-changing individual using Lenovo workstations to stand out. The company is focused on creating value from waste materials by using unique 3D printed building materials. DUS claimed fame with the 3D printing of a canal house and is now working through Aectual to develop floors, facades and other industrial building products out of bio and recycled plastics. To create these revolutionary designs, DUS relies on the enormous amount of computing power and reliability of Lenovo mobile workstations.

“What I like most about working with Lenovo mobile workstations is that I can work wherever I want – from all over the globe to right here in Amsterdam – and make instant, on-the-spot changes to a design,” said Heinsman. “With the new ThinkPad P52, the design of our XL 3D print productions can be implemented directly in the printed architectural outcome.”

The ThinkPad P52 sets the standard for mobile workstations by combining the legacy of ThinkPad build-quality and cutting-edge technology. The addition of the NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU offers a significant increase in power to deliver Lenovo’s first 15-inch, VR-Ready Certified mobile workstation. And with the all newhexa-core Intel® Xeon® CPU, users can experience a level of power and performance never seen before in such a compact chassis.

With double the capacity of memory to 128GB and increased PCIe storage – the ThinkPad P52 is a necessity for things such as BIM on-the-go, animation and visual effects project storage, large models and datasets and real-time playback.

One company prepared to put the ThinkPad P52 to work is Virtalis, a VR and advanced visualization company that is using Lenovo’s latest mobile workstation to power its new CVR2 Solution – the latest portable set up that allows Virtalis to share its groundbreaking solutions on the go. 

“Our virtual reality solutions help clients better understand data and interact with it. Being able to take these solutions mobile with the ThinkPad P52 gives us expanded flexibility to bring the technology to life for clients in their unique environments,” said Steve Carpenter, Head of Solutions Development for Virtalis. “The ThinkPad P52 powering our Virtalis Visionary Render software is perfect for engineering and design professionals looking for a portable solution to take their first steps into the endless possibilities of VR.”

The P52 also will feature a 4K Ultra high-definition panel that incorporates 100 percent of the Adobe color gamut. With a mix of ports supporting all your needs, the addition of a second Thunderbolt port supports the display of 8K video and now allows users to take advantage of the ThinkPad Thunderbolt Workstation Dock.

The ThinkPad P52 will be available in late June. To learn more, please click here.

Lenovo workstations are designed to meet the constant and changing demands you face as technology innovation and industry convergence revolutionize how things are designed, made and used. Today, we are joining AEC Magazine at NXT BLD to explore the technologies that facilitate these new design approaches – including virtual and augmented reality, enhanced 3D models, artificial intelligence and new possibilities in digital fabrication and construction. Hosted by AEC Magazine, the full-day conference will take the conversation beyond BIM to showcase what’s next for this industry.

Join us on the main stage to hear about key technology developments driving the workstation marketplace today, how this impacts your productivity and where you can take advantage of real-world performance gains. DUS’s Hedwig Heinsman will also showcase Aectual’s bespoke technology that enables the production of 3D printed building products on an industrial scale.

Our space in the exhibit hall will also feature:
  • The newly-announced ThinkPad P52
  • A real-time demonstration of the power of AI in an accelerated rendering environment
  • A truly interactive VR experience, highlighting MX3D’s 3D printed bridge undergoing the daily stress of pedestrian life, using machine learning from IoT sensors.

If you can’t make it to the conference, be sure to check out the live stream of NXT BLD at

We know that when it comes to developing the right hardware for our customers, compromise isn’t an option. We proudly support the organizations using our products to overthrow the status quo and are committed to create the workstations that will allow them to take their work to the next level– and we’ve only just begun.