The New Lenovo Never Stands Still

New Lenovo logo up in lights at Tokyo's famous Shibuya junction

Over the past five years the Lenovo business has undergone a dramatic transformation, becoming a global leader not just in PCs but also in tablets, smartphones and a range of other devices.  As our business has transformed, so too has our brand.  Today, at Lenovo Tech World, we are proud to unveil a new brand identity that showcases the attitude and energy of the new Lenovo.

Our new brand identity is built around a fundamental belief that life rewards those who never stand still.  However, this is not only our belief – it is shared by our key customers.

When you talk to our fans, they wake up each morning excited to make progress.  They constantly look for new experiences and are never fully satisfied.  They have an energy in them that drives them forward.  And when you talk to our professional customers, they share this same energy.  Whether you're an SMB or a Large Enterprise, business moves faster than ever before. To keep up, savvy IT and business professionals need to maintain momentum while staying incredibly agile.  Across all of our customers, it's all about showing progress towards a myriad of goals, in both business and life.  Ultimately, it's about never standing still.

The cornerstone of our new identity is our new logo – a mark that is made up of two key elements. First, there's the word Lenovo, which we've designed in a more contemporary way, making it more readable so there are no pronunciation issues around the world.  More importantly, this wordmark is housed in a containing shape, which is meant to be more than just a design element. It acts as a window into culture and the world that surrounds us, housing a range of images, colors and patterns.  

So the word Lenovo never changes.  But the space around can flex, evolve and change based on the context that the logo lives in.  It will make our logo fun and energetic and highly relevant.  Instead of having a single consistent logo, our logo becomes completely dynamic and changes and evolves based on its environment.

We have also made a significant change to our color palette.  For years, our brand has lived in the world of black and red and grey.  And this made total sense in a very corporate environment.  However, given that we're now well embedded in the consumer space, we're expanding our colors as well -- you'll see that in addition to red, black and grey we're also going to start using blue, green, orange and pink.  These colors will run throughout everything we do and they really make a huge difference in conveying our attitude and energy to the world.

Of course this new identity alone won’t take us where we want to go. It’s our energetic, bold, and optimistic people, and their commitment to user experience that will do that. It will however help people recognize us wherever we are, see more clearly what we stand for, and communicate the message that we never stand still.  

I would love to hear your opinion on our new brand identity and the thinking behind it, so please feel free to comment below or find me on Twitter @iamdavidroman.