The Making of the Lenovo Yoga TV Spot

Viewer response to “The Pursuit”—the new Lenovo action-thriller featuring our heroic Yoga PC—has been phenomenal. The short film is directed by Martin Campbell, the man behind Hollywood blockbusters such as “Green Lantern,” “Casino Royale” and “The Mask of Zorro.” “The Pursuit” is currently making waves all over the world, airing in television markets in many countries.

The video continues Lenovo’s recent tradition of creating high-energy, engaging films for our major product launches. (You may recall “Seize the Night,” the film we released in June to highlight our Ultrabooks.) “Part of the start for the Yoga breakthrough was the success we had with Ultrabooks,” said Parker Ransom, Lenovo’s Director of Advertising. “It really felt like we hit on something with the cinematic treatment, and it resonated really well with young people, which we liked.”

Saatchi & Saatchi, Lenovo’s global advertising agency, identified a list of possible directors for “The Pursuit.” The person we immediately put at the top of that list was Martin Campbell. “There was just no way we could pass up a James Bond director,” said Erin Heath, Lenovo’s director of global advertising. “The direction and storyboard treatments we received from Martin were amazing. He nailed it, especially his detailed descriptions of the shots and how he intended to capture Yoga and make it the star.”

Director Martin Campbell (r) with CMO David Roman at an October Lenovo event in New York

The 10-day film shoot started at a port in Odessa, Ukraine, where the opening action sequences take place. “The port was surrounded by coal, iron, and was very damp–it was seriously grueling,” Heath said. “We would start at night and shoot until 6 in the morning. Martin was amazing—it would be nearing 6 and he'd start yelling ‘Action!’ at the top of his voice, trying to wake everyone up and get as much done while the sun was still down.”

After six days in Odessa, the team moved to Kiev, Ukraine where it filmed the final urban scenes. “We had complicated shoots in Kiev, because we were coordinating hundreds of extras, many of whom did not speak English,” continued Heath. “We were trying to coordinate cars, extras and, of course, actors.”

When filming finished, the team began working within Lenovo to get the video released to the public. “This was a huge effort by everyone involved,” said Heath. “We’ve had a great response from everyone who’s seen the film, and we’re just feeling pretty happy with how good the results have been.”

Check our Flickr page for a full set of photos taken on location in Odessa and Kiev. To cast yourself in the lead role of our action thriller, check out our brand new “Be An Action Hero” Facebook app.

Khaner Walker works on Lenovo's Internal Communications team.