The Lenovo-Motorola Deal: 5 Things You Should Know

The deal is done—Motorola is now part of Lenovo. So what does it all mean? Here’s our take.

1. The new Motorola-fueled Lenovo will be a major player in the global smartphone industry. When we woke up today our company was suddenly the world’s #3 smartphone maker. Lenovo’s brief but proud history in smartphones gets a massive boost from adding the well-established Moto and—most importantly—nearly 3,500 new colleagues around the world.

2. Motorola and Lenovo have a shared history of innovation. Some would argue the key to Lenovo’s recent success has been our willingness to try new things—and especially new form factors. (Take a look at Yoga and Yoga Tablet if you don’t know what we mean.) From 1930s car radios to the world’s first commercial cellphone in the ‘80s, from Razr & Droid to Moto X, Motorola started pioneering & kept on going.

3. We also have a shared history in space. Moto was there—in a manner of speaking—for the 1969 moon landing while Lenovians love to note that ThinkPad is the only laptop certified for use in space. Its extraterrestrial history dates back to early ‘90s Space Shuttle flights (and ThinkPads can be seen in virtually every picture we see taken inside the International Space Station).

4. The new combined Lenovo-Motorola product line is to die for. Many of you will know Moto X but have you also seen the wearable Moto 360? Gorgeous, and all of these devices look like a perfect fit with things like ThinkPad and Yoga Tablet.

5. Motorola fans are going to find they have a lot in common with Lenovo fans—and especially ThinkPad aficionados. We sensed it on Twitter and Facebook from the moment we announced this acquisition. The incredible outpouring from Moto fans—nervous and excited about the future of their favorite company—revealed just the kind of passion we love to see from our own community.


Needless to say, we’re looking forward to an exciting future together. It begins today.


Gavin O'Hara is Lenovo's Global Publisher.