The Lenovo Lounge Comes Together at Aquaknox

Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications.

Lenovo’s lounge at Aquaknox is an oasis of cool in the Mojave desert. Grand, black columns stand upright in the middle of the building as soft blue light fills the large restaurant. Bright white counters sit flush on black table mounts and Lenovo logos dot the columns and walls. It’s exciting and very Vegas, but smooth inviting and minimalist. Lenovo’s very own Director of Design, Rebecca Welles helped to create the stylish décor in conjunction with our friends and partners at Event Strategy Group. "This year’s CES exhibit design picks up on our multimode theme- using round shapes, iconography in 3D and applied patterns. We have even snuck in some surprises in the form of werewolves, tadpoles and butterflies that speak to how our products morph into many different things," said Welles. "We were allowed to use the entire space as a whole, creating a much larger feeling, cohesive space. With the challenge of fitting more and more cool products into our display every year, we have to make sure the space can work as business in the day and for parties at night."

Check out some of the pictures of the lounge at Aquanknox at CES: