The Invisible Investment for the Invincible Small Business

Core ThinkServer Services Portfolio

GUEST BLOG BY TRACY NEYENHUIS … As a smart small business owner, you’re careful with your investment decisions. It’s simple. When you buy new assets, they need to create real value. It’s easy to understand the return on an investment in capital equipment — a new forklift, digital signage, warehouse space, stunning store fixtures and your new Lenovo ThinkServer. 

But what about investments you can’t see? They are often powerful protection against unexpected events that can’t be anticipated, but can be planned for.

As a small business owner, you would never let your property or premises go uninsured. Business insurance, although rarely used, protects against events that might otherwise wipe out years of hard work in a moment. But don’t mistake the great warranty coverage on your new Lenovo ThinkServer for total investment protection. You need to cover it with an invisible but essential cloak of protection — ThinkServer Services upgrades, optional coverages and extensions. 

Priced to be affordable for every business, ThinkServer Services let you extend your warranty coverage or upgrade it to ensure that our certified field technicians respond to your call the same day you need us — around the clock — 365 days a year. You just made a major investment in a reliable ThinkServer. Now it’s time to protect it for its long and useful life.

Think that for less than 10 cents a day (less than $100 for three years!), you can expand your Lenovo call center coverage to around the clock and around the year with our Priority Technical Support option. That means you can call us anytime the unexpected happens and we will be there for you with subject-matter expert support agents, when everyone is sleeping or when your production is in full swing. It’s like having a hotline to an invisible super agent on retainer just in case you need it.

You may be thinking that service upgrades for new server systems are a luxury, but we’ve carefully put together a set of affordable and powerful options to make sure you can protect your Lenovo ThinkServer — without putting a dent in your valuable working capital. 

Make your business invincible with the invisible asset investment that is the best decision you can make – next to your new Lenovo ThinkServer, of course!

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