The global human network

This blog was titled connections, and my vision was for it to become a connector between Lenovo and various customer communities, linking them together, interjecting information on relevant topics of interest outside the products themselves, and providing some insight and commentary along the way.  Connections between communities, between customers and Lenovo. Soon after launching this blog,  we launched our customer community forum, and I've been fully immersed in that ever since.   The forum is a human network, each member acting as an originator,  transmitter, or receiver of information.   Members often participate in other forums, some even span languages.  Through contributing new ideas, raising issues, offering solutions, and propagating the information flow through linking and reposting, a vast and very global human network is operating on top of the physical internet. Whether we twitter, blog, or participate in communities - forums, facebook, Orkut, etc - our online activities within all social networks, parallel the same kind of operations being carried out by the internet itself, and the bridges, routers, and servers which comprise it. All courtesy of these "Web 2.0" apps.  But unlike the internet, the human network is volitional - people choose where they link, where they participate , how they contribute, and perhaps most interestingly, to what end.    Where is this heading? *Joe Cothrel, VP of Lithium's Community management had this to say on the company's blog..

"..Where does enterprise social media go from here?  Contrary to conventional wisdom, we aren't really at the beginning of anything: we're halfway through a generation-long business transformation that began with the advent of the commercial web more than a dozen years ago.  In the first phase, we learned how to create environments in which customers would find value in interaction.  In the second phase, which we're now in, we're learning how to listen.   Before the transformation is complete, we'll see a new kind of business organization, one that creates and perfects its products and processes in an ongoing dialogue with its customers.  I don't see any company completing this cycle today.  But I think we'll see it soon..."

So with the plumbing of the blogs and forums in place, and a growing customer community participating actively with us, I'm very excited to see how the global human network - social media, transforms the way in which Lenovo and it's customers interact.   What do you see as a possible future? *Disclosure:  Lenovo uses Lithium technologies in it's forum community.