The Easy (and Fast) Way to Transfer Photos from Your Smartphone to your PC

Coming back from vacation, you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed (and perfectly tanned!). Walking though the door of your home, you put your bags down, stretch, and slump down into your favorite chair. Turning on your phone you check the countless messages from your parents, friends, colleagues asking about your trip.

You look back at all the pictures you took and you scroll, and scroll, and scroll though the endless wonderful memories. How many pictures did you take?! It seems like a million! You text a picture here, open your email and send another picture there. Before you know it, you realize you’ve just spent twenty minutes sending two photos.

So many photos…so little time!

Frustrated, you think to yourself it would be so much easier if you transferred all of them directly to your PC and put in a digital photo album. But how? You can’t email all of them. Pairing your phone to your PC to send via Bluetooth is time consuming. You reach around your bag and find your USB. Letting out a sigh, you realize your smartphone doesn’t have a USB port. Even if it did, your USB doesn’t have enough room for all the pictures.

Musing through your mind, you remember your sister recommended a great new app that helped her transfer all of her son’s soccer game videos and photos from her phone to her computer, Lenovo  SHAREit.

As easy as sharing a smile.

Effortlessly, you download the app on both your PC and your phone. You have a spotty Internet connection, but that’s not a concern because SHAREit works without an Internet connection.

SHAREit transfers files, photos and videos 40 times faster than Bluetooth. You transfer all your photos from your phone to your computer before you can say, “I miss the beach.” With great ease, you then transfer the videos  of swimming with the dolphins (your nephews will love that!).

The phone beeps and reminds you of a dinner date with Sarah from the office and that you need to show her the presentation you worked on during your flight. You grab your iOS tablet and use SHAREit to transfer the presentation to your work laptop, knowing SHAREit can be used across multiple platforms and operating systems.

You spend the rest of your afternoon making a digital photo album and sharing it with your friends and family. SHAREit was so easy and fast to use and most importantly, it gave you peace of mind knowing your memories and files are safely tucked away in your computer and online instead of keeping them just on your phone.

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