The Chocolate Factory Becomes Cloud Ready

The fast pace of IT

GUEST BLOG BY LAURA FROMBACH AND KEN LANCASTER… Remember Lucy and Ethel? OK, maybe we're dating ourselves, but there’s a classic Lucy and Ethel skit that reflects the pace of IT today. They’ve just been hired to work in the chocolate factory and if a single piece of candy gets by them, they’re fired. All is well…for about 10 seconds. Then the chocolate comes out faster, faster and faster! There is no way they can keep up, so they improvise all sorts of ways to hide what they can’t wrap. The boss tells them that they are doing splendid and then yells, “Speed it up!”

Business is extremely demanding of IT today, echoing Lucy and Ethel’s boss’ sentiment on speeding things up. No matter how fast we deliver servers, applications and services, it just doesn’t seem fast enough. On the other hand, IT still needs to manage the environment, ensuring maximum uptime and no disruption.

In today’s competitive environment, users need their IT services when they need them and just can’t wait. IT needs to keep the existing infrastructure running without interruption. Virtualization and private clouds enable IT to step back from the “chocolate conveyer belt”, yet still keep pace with business needs.

So what does cloud ready mean? A simple definition is the ability to flexibly add services and applications to virtualized servers and storage — when YOU want them. Virtualization is now the norm — a way to improve time to market and reduce IT costs for organizations of any size. Some of the key advantages of a cloud-ready virtualized data center include:

  • Resiliency – Rapid reallocation of applications to alternate virtual servers in the event of failure.
  • Automation – Dynamic allocation of virtual resources as applications demand.
  • Openness – Open industry standards without fear of vendor lock in, while being future proof.
  • Scalability – Capability to add capacity on demand with automatic integration of new servers/storage.

As organizations rapidly move to a flexible and responsive virtual infrastructure, they realize their need for an end-to-end virtual solution that is prevalidated and scalable. The VSPEX Private Cloud with Lenovo provides such a solution.

Lenovo has partnered with industry leaders EMC, VMware, Microsoft and Extreme Networks to offer streamlined, cloud-ready solutions. These bundled solutions include Lenovo ThinkServer systems, EMC storage and backup, Extreme Networks switching and virtualization products from VMware and Microsoft. Reference architectures are available to provide sizing guidance for VSPEX offerings that are pre-validated and scalable. The benefit of reference architectures is that they have been tested and verified by participating vendors to enable downstream integrators and resellers to rapidly deploy the solutions with confidence.

The below image illustrates one such reference architecture example for VSPEX.

Lenovo will be at EMC World this year and will be featuring our VSPEX solutions! Visit us in Booth 352 and find out how a VSPEX with Lenovo Private Cloud solution can enable you to easily keep pace with business demands! If you are not attending EMC World, contact your Lenovo sales rep or your Lenovo or EMC business partner to find out more about the VSPEX with Lenovo Private Cloud solution.