Ten Tips for Surviving CES

International CES

First time at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? Don’t worry; it’s the first time for everyone at some point. We’ve been heading to CES every year as far back as we can remember, so we wanted to share a few fun tips that we’ve picked up along the way to make the most out of the show. 

  1.  Make a plan for what you want to accomplish and which venues you want to hit – use the offical CES website. Here you can find almost everything you need from floor plans to schedules to shuttle information.
  2. Drink up … water that is – Avoid buying $5 water bottles from hotels and stock up at Walgreens on the Strip to save money! The dry desert air and walking the miles of ground CES covers makes you extra thirsty. Remember to bring some chapstick too!
  3. Eat all three meals throughout the day – this might be a no-brainer, but you’ll need every bit of energy you can get. Keep snacks on hand and avoid questionable buffets no matter how attractive the price (read: if the buffet looks anything like Cousin Eddie's favorite spot in National Lampoon’s Las Vegas Vacation, steer clear!) We recommend sandwiches at Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio (and a crepe if you have time to spare). Also, Lotus of Siam has some of the most authentic Thai food and is a restaurant gem to all in-the-know foodies.
  4. Put comfort first – wear flat shoes with a slight arch that are well-worn in.
  5. Don’t be above the fanny pack – Carry only the essentials and bring a practical bag.
  6. Don’t forget to plug-in at night – Recharge your phone, laptop, and any other rechargeables at night. Bring along your phone charger during the day in case you need to juice up and grab a table during lunch that has an outlet nearby.
  7. Be there or be square – Don’t forget about the fab CES parties – Here is a good list: http://cespartylist.com/ and this year you can even practice your fist pump with Snooki http://partyaficionado.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/iHip_E-vite-email4.png
  8. Catch a show - Cirque du Soleil shows are legendary with their acrobatics and artistry. You can get ticket deals up to 50 percent off at the Tix4Tonight.com kiosk in the Las Vegas Town Square Mall right off The Strip.
  9. Make time for yourself - Viva Las Vegas, so live it up! Take a yoga class amongst the dolphins at the Mirage, get a massage at the MGM Grand Spa, or take a gondola ride in the Venetian.
  10. Have fun… but not too much – At CES, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” isn’t necessarily true with all the video cameras everywhere. But it’s a fun event so enjoy yourself!  

 From everyone at Lenovo, we wish you all a fantastic CES!