Teen’s summer spent supporting Lenovo’s move to PC+

Matthew Simpson, Intern for North America Field Technical Sales Support (FTSS) team

Summertime for a teenager often means sleeping in late, spending days at the pool and maybe a summer job or two.  For Matthew Simpson, 16, of Durham, NC this summer has been spent working on two projects at Lenovo: a Stoneware WebNetwork portal and a benchmarking and configuration effort with the ThinkStation development engineers.

Matt presents the WebNetwork architecture.

Simpson, who will soon begin his senior year at the NC School of Science and Math in Durham, joined Lenovo’s North America Field Technical Sales Support (FTSS) team in June as part of a collaborative effort between Lenovo and the NCSSM.

“We started a partnership with Science and Math consisting of several initiatives, from technology to HR to PR.  We want to engage young people in Lenovo as a career opportunity and took this first opportunity to introduce them to our PC+ strategy,” said Dave Buchanan, Director of the NA FTSS team.

A tech wizard even at 16, prior to his time with Lenovo, Matt focused primarily on software. “In middle school, I started picking up software development,” he stated. “My floor was literally covered with computer science books, but I never really explored hardware until coming here.”

“Matt’s work on ThinkStation this summer will prove to be invaluable as we challenge the competition going forward,” said Bryan Young, a software architect for the ThinkStation Business Unit.  “He has compiled a database of several tests that will help us not only configure systems for the best performance, but also prove it.  Matt’s work is helping make the magic of performance optimization standard operating procedure for certified ThinkStation applications."

Matt renders a 3D model with Solidworks.

Matt’s strong performance this summer led to his next step at Lenovo. This fall, he will work at Lenovo two days a week for college credit as part of a program offered by the NCSSM. 

“Attacking PC+ is key to our strategy and assigning Matt projects founded in Cloud technology and Engineering Workstations fits right into that," noted Buchanan.

Coincidentally, Matt is also an active volunteer at Kramden Institute, a nonprofit organization that Lenovo supports (including numerous “Geek-a-Thon” events to refurbish and build PCs for deserving young people).  His new expertise in hardware has allowed Simpson to do more hands-on work with PC equipment at Kramden.

So, what does an aspiring technology professional have to say about Lenovo’s offerings compared to the industry as a whole?

“Helix is pretty cool,” says Matt.  “It’s a perfect combination of technology and cool…something like iPad, you can’t actually access your files or do word processing and you realize after a week you can’t do anything with it.  With Helix, it’s all Windows so you can do your work and get all the games you need from the Windows store.”

Guest blogging by George Farthing, Lenovo North America