Take the X130e to School!

X130e for Education

It’s 2:00 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. The teacher is showing a movie to the class to finish up the lesson. The lights are dim and some of the kids have their heads laid across the corner of their desks, nearly dozing off. There is nothing but dead silence in the classroom as the movie plays on….when suddenly a big loud THUMP startles everyone….the little boy in the middle of the third row dropped his computer on the floor.

In the past, a situation like the one we just described may have resulted in a broken computer, cracked screen or potentially corrupted hard drives making repairs necessary, which means additional costs for the school. More importantly however, it means that the boy in the middle of the third row either is forced to share someone else’s computer or get behind in class while he waits for his computer to be fixed.

A computer on the desk of the little boy in the middle of the third row is indicative of the move to 1:1 curriculum. The days of watching movies on 27-inch CRT tube TV’s on top of tall squeaky carts and playing “Oregon Trail” on the “community” classroom computer are over. There is a computer on every desk, and schools are beginning to leverage technology - making school days much more exciting and effective.This is the classroom of the 21st Century, not our mother’s classroom, not even our old classroom. With the trend towards a 1:1 eLearning curriculum, the need for robust smaller form-factor computers have became more apparent.Netbooks were the start of this movement, but have proven to not have the performance nor the durability to keep up with the productivity needs required in the 1:1 curriculum classroom.

So what could have prevented the boy in the middle of the third row from breaking his computer? More importantly what type of computer can keep up with the needs of 1:1 curriculum? It is Lenovo’s X130e.

Why is the X130e perfect for education? Because it is a notebook built from the ground up, specifically with education’s demanding learning environment in mind. Lenovo went back and analyzed the past four years of its top warranty and service claims from education customers and surveyed over four million students and teachers to find out what they needed to move forward into the next generation of 1:1 eLearning technology in the classroom. 

Lenovo not only built the X130e to ace all eight of its Military Specification Tests, but took it a step further and ruggedized it specifically around the “real world” drops, accidents, and wear-and-tear a computer takes when being used by students in and out of the classroom. A rubber bumper around the 1.2mm thickened plastic bezel has made the corners 33 per cent stronger and the recessed and strengthened ports have contributed to the development of the ultimate education solution. The X130e can absorb shocks and take falls from desktops or slips out of backpacks that always seem to land corner-first. Not only that, when kids get curious and stick pencils in the “holes” on the side of the computer, they won’t break as easily because of the strengthened ports. And with the spill resistant, island style keyboard it is very difficult for students to pry off keys. On top of all this, the thickened bezel protects the screen from breaking and warping that could be caused by dropping or stacking heavy books on top of it.


X130e Specs

And by the way, when it drops, the Active Protection System (APS) feature is always on to detect when drops are damaging and when they are normal bumps. It automatically detects and stops the hard drive disk from spinning to keep from corrupting the hard drive and causing hard drive errors during a damaging drop or bump. A rating of 30,000 “open and close” cycles for the lid is more than enough to keep up with kids going from class to class, constantly opening and closing the system.

Outside it being super-rugged, the X130e is all about bringing higher performance to the classroom with its choice of AMD Fusion and Intel Core i3/Celeron processors. It is packed with performance features including:

  • The ultimate in connectivity for the classroom: WiFi, Ethernet, WiDi (for Intel i3 only), and WWAN.
  • A low-light sensitive webcam and digital mic with VoIP, online connectivity, and high level productivity performance levels with fast responsive movement in multi-tasking between programs. 

Not only does the ultimate education solution in notebooks, the X130e, need to be tough and rugged enough to keep up with highly active students and teacher; it also needs to have the high performance and technological benefits that help to propel students into the 21st Century by expanding their minds through effective 1:1 eLearning. The X130e has moved to the head of the class thanks to its ruggedness AND its performance, not to mention the affordable price point that makes it a perfect fit for EVERY school.

To help with selling the X130e and other products to those in education we have put together an Education Toolkit that includes sales tips, battle cards, case studies and more. Check it out on the Lenovo Partner Network www.lenovopartnernetwork.com/education

Jarrett York
Lenovo NA Product Manager