Take Back Control of Your Cloud Journey

Your organization has been moving along the cloud continuum in stages from server virtualization to consolidation of your hardware infrastructure to self-service capabilities. Now, you’re ready for the next move. But there is a problem.

Added layers, added complexity

Each time you added a solution along the path to cloud, you had to introduce a new process flow and another management tool that didn’t integrate with the previous one. Now you find you do not have enough visibility into and control over end-to-end services and the infrastructure as a whole, making it difficult to manage and optimize resources. The environment is full of virtual machines, and your IT team is struggling to manage capacity and resolve problems while controlling costs.

You have plans. For example, maybe you’re ready to combine public cloud services with on-premises services in a hybrid cloud. But without better cloud management, how can you move forward? How can you help your business continue to capitalize on its cloud investment and maintain a competitive edge?

A partnership that works for you

You need a cloud management software platform that puts you back in control—wherever you are in your journey to a private or hybrid cloud—so you can keep evolving the infrastructure as demand rises. You need to deliver efficient and open cloud services with the agility to handle new challenges while leveraging the infrastructure you already have.

A new extended Red Hat and Lenovo partnership delivers powerful cloud capabilities to help you gain the visibility you need while bending down the cost curve of cloud computing. The Red Hat CloudForms management platform is well suited for managing a broad array of cloud infrastructures from a single interface. Lenovo systems are designed for easy integration with best-of-breed management consoles while leveraging open industry standards.

CloudForms has no transactional software license components, so it is very cost-effective. You can take that cost-effectiveness a step further with Lenovo infrastructure designed to deliver leading performance at any given price point. And Lenovo XClarity centralized systems management application can be used to rapidly deliver hardware infrastructure and reduce IT administrative costs.

Five ways to come out ahead

Deploying Red Hat CloudForms on Lenovo offers five key benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Allocate and manage resource pools that span multiple types of infrastructure, including private, public and virtual cloud resources.
  2. Agility: Orchestrate operations, automate complex tasks and offer self-service provisioning within massively scalable environments while adhering to governance policies and appropriate controls.
  3. Control: Discover, monitor, measure, report and govern all workloads and resources that are part of your cloud and virtualization infrastructure. You can optimize use of virtual platforms from multiple vendors with global visibility.
  4. Investment protection: Eliminate vendor lock-in concerns. CloudForms integrates with existing infrastructure and management systems, allowing your IT team to use preferred software tools and preserve investments in products and training.
  5. Services: Take advantage of services that can help you assess your cloud requirements, retool infrastructure management, or design, install, configure and optimize CloudForms.

Cloud infrastructure that works for you

Gain control of your virtualization environment, and build and manage a private or hybrid cloud. CloudForms helps you accomplish both goals with a comprehensive management platform on top of your Lenovo infrastructure. As needs change, CloudForms evolves, protecting investments and providing a continuum of capabilities progressing toward infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) models. Learn more about CloudForms and XClarity.

Are you ready to take back control of your cloud journey? Find out how Red Hat CloudForms and Lenovo can help.