Tableau Rocks!


Last week I tweeted about a new tool I had come across, Tableau Public. (pardon the typo) At the time I was impressed with the idea and the demos, but really hadn't tried it.  This past week I "found" some large data and decided to try it. Because my data were embed in a Pivot Table, I had to extract that data (Tip: Right-click on a cell and choose Show Details...).   Now that the data were stored in a simple Excel table, I was ready for my trial. I loaded it into Tableau, which was incredibly simple.  My goal was to analyze the data based on country, following the example from the site.  Within 1 minute of starting Tableau, I had a gorgeous geograhic representation of the data.  There were some quirks: e.g. Russia was not recognized as a country, but a quick search lead to instructions for assigning Russia to Russian Federation within Tableau.  Also, my data were too fragmented, so I needed to edit my Excel data. After 30 minutes of "playing," I had a exactly what I wanted. Becasue the data are not meant for public consumption, here is a screeshoot of my results. Once I get some other data, I'll add another post with the impressive interactive functionality that Tableau provides via hosting/embedding.