Switch Mode for Fn/Ctrl Keys: Follow-up

Thank you so much for all the comments we received about Switch Mode for Fn/Ctrl Keys. Having this kind of user feedback is a gift. We are moving forward on the most popular option, "enable swapping through the BIOS setup utility." As you can see here, by changing the BIOS, you can enable the switch. The default is set at "Disabled".


The BIOS screen: Fn and Ctrl Key Swap [Enabled] We plan to offer this in all future ThinkPad models, including the over 10 models that we are currently planning. While we really regret that we were unable to use some of the great ideas that we received, such as a BIOS update for our current products or switching the Fn and Ctrl key caps, we will continue to keep these ideas in mind as we move forward. Thank you for your understanding!