Swapping the Bay Device on a ThinkPad X300

There have been multiple questions on how to swap the bay device on a ThinkPad X300 notebook. I made a quick video showing you how quickly and easily this can be accomplished. [youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=5bD1qXfmnfg] Unlike our other ThinkPads with bays, the bay on the ThinkPad X300 is not an Ultrabay, meaning it is not designed to be swapped on a regular basis. Adding this functionality would have added several millimeters of height to the system as the swapping mechanism adds thickness. Other questions that have come up:

Why only 1.2GHz Ultra Low Volt Processors? Don't forget, the magic that makes the ThinkPad X300 possible is a new chip package from Intel which has reduced height compared to other processors. It is only available in one processor speed at this time. And yes, we chose ULV processors for maximum battery life.

What size is the keyboard? This keyboard is a full T Series sized keyboard and not an X Series sized keyboard.

Why no DVI? The DVI port is physically HUGE. Plus, DVI will go away soon in the industry to be replaced by Display Port.

Does the ability to swap the optical drive out of the bay mean that I can use a hard disk drive in the bay for more storage? No. The bay itself is what I believe to be the industry's first 7mm thick optical drive. Even if we did provide a caddy for a hard disk, mobile hard disks are too thick to physically fit.

Why no docking connector? I'm going to defer this one as I plan to write a larger post on docking in the near future. But a partial answer is that adding a docking connector would have added to thickness significantly. I can definitely agree with those who wanted an SD slot, but I'm not as convinced that adding a PCMCIA or Express Card slot would have been a good thing and these slots have probably outlived most of their usefullness. Most people I've talked to have been taking the "in case I need it" stance.

Linux support? The team is studying this. I hope this provides a bit more clarity and detail. Keep the feedback coming.