Sunny’s Triple Threat: Motorcycle, Camera, ThinkPad

We always enjoy highlighting people who epitomize our philosophy “For Those Who Do,” people who grab the world by both hands and hang on for the ride. For Sundeep Gajjar—aka MotoGrapher Sunny—that ride is a literal one and it spans 5,000 miles.

On May 19, the India-based photographer left Dubai atop his glorious Ducati MultiStrada motorcycle. His destination? Misano, Italy, where World Ducati Week will kick off June 22. Along the way, Sunny is stopping to enjoy (and photograph) sights in Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia. And he’s checking in with us and his fans around the world via his travel companion—a Lenovo ThinkPad T520 laptop.

Sunny's ThinkPad T520 upon arrival in India (Photo courtesy The Motographer)

Can the unassuming ThinkPad laptop handle the rigors of this adventure? Can it handle the dust and sweltering deserts, high altitude and heavy rain, as well as the shocks and bumps of the road? If you know your ThinkPad history—brutal stress tests in our labs, impeccable performance aboard the International Space Station—you’ve already answered “Yes.”

Sunny will primarily use his ThinkPad T520 for photo editing and graphic design work, but he’ll also rely on it to keep him connected with the outside world throughout his journey. He has already travelled through Iran, Turkey and Greece and is in Bulgaria as of today.

Sunny relaxes amidst the rocks of Turkey (Photo courtesy The Motographer)

Next up: Romania, Hungary and Slovenia before he finally reaches Misano. When Sunny arrives in Italy, he will showcase the incredible photos he's taken along the way to thousands of motorcyclists from all over the world. “At an individual level,” Sunny told us prior to the trip, “I connect with the new philosophy of Lenovo, the philosophy of  ‘Doers.’ I have always believed in doing things differently and just DOING them.”

As the adventure continues, be sure to follow Sunny’s progress--and see his mind-blowing photographs--on his own Mission: Red Planet blog.


Gavin O’Hara is Global Publisher for Lenovo Social Media.