Thank heaven for Accidental Damage Protection (ADP).  If you’re like me, and your white shirt is a marinara magnet, you can trip over nothing, or you drop EVERYTHING….than ADP will definitely come in handy for you. You and your Lenovo notebook cozy at Starbucks?  Let’s hope you’ve protected it from that double tall non-fat no-foam latte that’s bound to spill on that perfect keyboard. 

We’ve had LOTS of questions on ADP, so here’s the skinny:

What is Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)? 

ADP provides coverage for non-warranted damage such as drops, bumps, spills, & electrical surges that occur during normal laptop usage.  It covers damage to components installed on your system at the time of purchase, optional features installed by Lenovo at the time of purchase, and any other components that Lenovo includes as a standard feature with the system.   

When Can I Buy It?

ADP is available as an upgrade on tablet and notebook systems at the time of system purchase, or if you had a brain fade and didn’t get it initially than you have up to 90 days.  However, if you decide to upgrade after the date of system purchase, there’s a 30 day waiting period before you can file any claims under the ADP agreement.

What’s covered versus not covered?

We get a lot of questions in this area. ADP is not a “bumper to bumper” service that covers absolutely any and all damage outside of warranty – there are some practical limits.  ADP covers damage incurred under “normal” usage, but not egregious or deliberate acts.  For example, suppose you have a house party and one of your guests mistakes your T430u for the bathroom….First of all, take him off the invite list for next time, and secondly, don’t file a claim for ADP as that sort of thing is out of bounds.  (That has actually happened folks).  Here’s a good rule of thumb, if you don’t want to touch it, we won’t either (YUCK!)

Here is a list of some of the damage that ADP does and does not cover.

Damage that IS covered:

·       Liquid spills on the keyboard

·       Unintentional bumps or drops of the Notebook

·       An electrical surge that damages the Notebook’s circuitry

·       Crack or damage to the integrated LCD screen.

Damage that is not covered includes:

·       Normal wear and tear of the Notebook

·       Cosmetic damage (e.g, scratches, dents, or cracks that do not affect the product’s functionality or structural integrity);

·       Damage from abuse,  misuse, unauthorized modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, improper maintenance by anyone other than Lenovo authorized service provider

·       Damage caused by biohazards or human or animal bodily fluids

·       Theft

·       Loss or damage from fire, flood, or natural disaster


What If I’m Traveling Outside of the Country Where I Purchased My PC?

ADP is not covered within our International Warranty Service. So, if you purchased ADP in the United States, and you and your X1 Carbon fall into the Seine while eating a baguette du’ fromage in Paris, while drinking Bordeaux and fixing your beret, you can’t file the claim in France. You’ll have to wait to file the claim in the United States where ADP was purchased. 

 Hope this was helpful.  If you have other questions about Accidental Damage Protection, please feel free to shoot us note or comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!