Students Win Ultrabooks in Lenovo DO Dash Day

UMiami freshman Emarie Bohana shows off her brand new U310 Ultrabook

For back to school, Lenovo is giving away this year’s coveted tech tool every student needs to make the grade - an Ultrabook. The only catch? They have to find the super slim book-sized laptop in a scavenger hunt among thousands of books. Last Saturday the 25th, in the campus bookstores at the University of Georgia, University of Florida, and the University of Miami, students, staff and faculty raced against the clock, dashing around the bookstore and scouring the shelves in order to grab their prize!

In order to be entered for a chance to compete in the DO Dash Day, students, staff and faculty signed up at the in-store kiosks. Winners were then notified after the bookstore closed on August 24th via email and SMS. The pre-registered participants had the opportunity to dash around the bookstore for 2-3 minutes trying to locate the ‘winning’ Lenovo Book of DO Ultrabook. Those with the fastest time for their hour won one of eight Ultrabooks awarded at each school.

Students, Staff, and Faculty from the University of Miami line up to compete in Lenovo’s DO Dash Day

At one of the events at the University of Miami, the Lenovo team was so excited to spend time in sunny South Florida for the Lenovo Campus Bookstore Ultrabook Book of DO Dash. Although tropical storm and soon to be Hurricane Isaac decided to pop in and turn a palm tree paradise into a rainy day, the dedicated students still came out in full force and ready for their chance to win a new laptop.

Outside the bookstore, student groups waited anxiously and discussed different strategies to best find the Ultrabooks hidden within the bookstore, all while the Lenovo team quietly discussed the best way to hide them. Students ranged from freshmen anxious to ride out their very first hurricane to seniors excited to start their final year as undergrads.

Kamara Chapman and her new Ultrabook

One of the University of Miami winners, Kamara Chapman, a senior psychology major from Georgia, had a clear desire to win from the start. While being explained the rules, she admitted she recently broke her laptop and needed a new one ASAP to make breaking the news to her dad, a member of the US Army, easier (sorry, dad!). Kamara, an avid runner, found the winning laptop in a speedy 48 seconds!

Emarie Bohana and her new Ultrabook

Another University of Miami winner, Emarie Bohana, a freshman from Washington, DC, was so excited to start off her college career with a brand new laptop. She said she is constantly online and is so excited to have such a lightweight laptop to enable her internet addiction.

Would you be able to spot the laptop in a hurry?

Thanks to all the students, faculty and staff at the University of Miami, University of Georgia, and University of Florida for turning out and making the Lenovo DO Dash Day a success.

Soon, students, staff and faculty from Arizona State University and Stanford University will have the chance to compete in their Do Dash Day. Additional details on entry and schedule for these schools is below.